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Cleaning Services &  Organizing Services


We clean your home, office, and small businesses down to the last detail.

Services are available daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, occasional.

Products we use to:

Dust- We use microfiber and  dusters to dust your shelving and decor. Clean and Sanitize- We use top of the line biodegradable cleaning products to clean and sanitize your kitchen and bathrooms. Floors- For tile and hardwoods we use a professional floor cleaning system and Hepa filtration vacuums.

Cleaning services include:

Kitchens- Clean and sanitize sinks, counters, inside and out of microwave, stove top, outside of fridge and oven, floors are swept and mopped.

Bathrooms- Shine mirrors, clean and sanitize sinks, chrome, tub, toilet, floors are swept and mopped.

Entryway/Living areas/Bedrooms- Rooms are dusted & vacuumed. Mirrors and glass cleaned of fingerprints. Hardwood floors/stairways- Floors are swept and mopped with appropriate products.

Organizing services include:

Decluttering a space, consolidating items, repurposing objects to work for your space. Removal of unwanted items.*

Additional Services:


Bedding changed

Refrigerator cleaning

Oven cleaning

Charges are based on an

hourly rate. Please Contact Us

to submit a request for a free


*items within reason- no toxic

items or appliances/electronics.

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