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Insurance: We are fully insured and bonded. It is advisable, that no one be home while we are cleaning. This helps to ensure that all areas can be accessed and cleaned efficiently. Exceptions can be made for those working out of an at home office during the cleaning. Proof of insurance is available upon request.

Access: The premises should be made accessible and payment should be made available at time of scheduled service. It is up to the property owner how to make that available. We will work with the arrangement.

Cancellations: Appointments are on a 7, 14, 21, or 28 day rotation. Therefore the spot is reserved on a continuous basis to ensure service commitment. For cancellations with advance notice of 7 days or more: there is no fee charged. One cancellation, with less than 7 days notice, is permitted within a 12 month period. After the first cancellation within the same 12 months there will be a charge for a $60 slot reservation fee. The second any further cancellations within the same 12 months, will be a charge at the full scheduled service fee, and must be satisfied to continue services. Any cancellation within less than 24 hours notice, see below.

Lock-outs/Less than 24 hour cancellations: If the premises are not accessible and/or there was less than 24 hours prior notification given: via email, phone call, or text to the company ( or 610-914-9969): The first occurrence a $60 slot reservation fee will be incurred. The second and any further lock-outs/less than 24 hours notice cancellations will be billed at the fully scheduled service price and must be satisfied before services are continued.

Reschedules: Reschedules are permitted, within the same week via any client, if requested at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled cleaning. It is considered a cancellation, if requested within less than 24 hours prior to scheduled service. (See "Cancellations" policy above.) The team is permitted to reschedule jobs for circumstances beyond their control to perform cleaning: i.e.; illness, road closures, or weather related issues. beyond the control of Eco-Friendly Cleaning, Inc. to perform cleaning: i.e.; illness, road closures, or weather related issues.

Payment: Is due at the time services are rendered. In the event that our customer is not present, the estimate price plus PA sates tax is to be made available at the time of the scheduled cleaning. Note: Checks mailed from financial institutions should be mailed in advance of scheduled cleanings to allow for delivery. A $5 administrative fee will be imposed on all accounts after one week of non-payment. All unpaid accounts will continue to accrue a 5% late fee for each week the payment goes unpaid. This applies to commercial as well as residential clients.

Pre-Paid Accounts: There is a 10% discount for pre-paying for three months of scheduled services. Each date and time will be reserved expressly for each scheduled cleaning. Ex: Biweekly Tuesdays 9:00 (9/1; 9/15; 9/29; 10/13; 10/27; 11/10; 11/24) There are no refunds on pre-paid accounts. Reschedules are permitted if request in made 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment and must fall within the same week or the next two business days of the following week if the cleaning normally falls on a Friday.

Refunds: Satisfaction for services is guaranteed. Any dissatisfaction should be directed to Sabrina within 24 hours of service. All attempts will be made to re-service the areas of concern, within two business days. There are no refunds for services rendered.

Pets: We ask that all dogs to be crated or contained while cleaning/organizing is being performed on the premises, to avoid any potential problems. Pet stains and/or animal waste is not a part of the cleaning services that we offer.

Misc: Any room with pet or human waste and/or bodily fluids will not be cleaned. We are not biohazard certified. 

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